Film Still "Simon Cries"
Film Still "Sister my Sister"
Film Still "Earth Sutra"
Film Still "Mike"
Film Still "(M)otherhood"
Film Still "Simon Cries" Film Still "Simon Cries"

Comedy, Drama, Short Film

Following a breakup, Simon's sadness is so big it overflows. It overflows his whole body. more

Film Still "Sister my Sister" Film Still "Sister my Sister"
Nancy Meckler 1994 89 Min


Thriller based on a real murder which took place in a small French town in the 1930s when two young sisters murdered a woman and her daughter for whom they worked as maidservants. more

Film Still "Earth Sutra" Film Still "Earth Sutra"

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary, History, Politics

What do you know about Tibet? 'Earth Sutra' the documentary that will change your vision of Tibet 55 years controlled by Chinese oppression. Dare to reflect on your relationship with the Earth, your relationship with the rest of human beings through Earth Sutra, a portrait of the survival in exile … more

Film Still "Mike" Film Still "Mike"

Drama, Short Film

Mike, a sulky teenager has to do a boring job - to take his little brother Jack to the hairdresser. Waiting for him in the car, Mike starts to get worried when Jack takes too long to return. Berlinale 2014 / Generation / Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film … more

Film Still "(M)otherhood" Film Still "(M)otherhood"

Documentary, Lifestyle

"[M]otherhood" provides answers so that never again will you feel the need to question a woman who doesn’t want to have kids. A group of women discuss this topic and their solid, hard-hitting arguments hammer into the ideals of modern motherhood. They break taboos, challenge the idea of maternal instincts … more


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