Film Still "The Towrope"
Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
NOT_ME_Film_Still_RGB_05 NOT_ME_Film_Still_RGB_05
Pascal Hofmann 2020 78 Min

Art, Documentary

The film takes us on a journey through the eventful life of the contemporary Swiss artist Not Vital. Director Pascal Hofmann traces the driving force behind the restless cosmopolitan and establishes a dialogue between the motifs in Vital's work, his childhood dreams and the influences of his most important stations … more

Film Still "The Towrope" Film Still "The Towrope"
William Vega 2012 90 Min


Alice is helpless. War memories invade her mind like threatening thunder. Uprooted by the armed conflict, she tries to reshape her life in La Sirga, a decadent hostel on the shores of a great lake in the highlands of the Andes. The house belongs to Oscar, her only family member … more

thenewbauhaus10_screen_moholy-nagy-by-alvar-aalto thenewbauhaus10_screen_moholy-nagy-by-alvar-aalto
Alysa Nahmias 2019 89 Min

Art, Documentary, History

An odyssey through the life and legacy of László Moholy-Nagy, the innovative artist and educator whose pioneering approach to integrating technology into design continues to influence and inspire. In the 1920s, rising artist László Moholy-Nagy taught at the revolutionary Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany, alongside luminaries like Paul Klee, Josef … more

04airport_plane 04airport_plane
Michaela Müller 2017 11 Min

Animation, Short Film

The film explores the borders between the right to freedom of movement and the restrictions national security requirements put on society. In a modern day airport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irregularities. Security forces try to get to the cause of the disruption, the atmosphere turns menacing … more

Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons" Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
Cornelius Schick 2019 41 Min

Comedy, Romance

In a fictitious world, a wall goes through a country and its city. Both sides face each other irreconcilably. The film tells the story of the 40 year old rocket scientist Paul who falls in love with a supposed woman. Who, like him, is not absorbed with the irreconcilable differences … more


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