The Joy of Sound

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Identifying birds by their song, listening to a perfect classical music concert or making a radio show: these are just some of the many ways in which sound – that mysterious, invisible and intangible phenomenon – can give us pleasure. Some remarkable inhabitants of Panama explain why they are so captivated by the effect of those countless combinations of vibrating airwaves, which bring joy and fellowship, not to mention irritation. One man goes around the city giving away his favorite CDs to passersby; another drives in a car with huge speakers that make the doors rattle. Meanwhile, these passionate audiophiles share their perspectives on society, raising intriguing questions. Do you feel physically better when listening to loud music? Who owns sound – or the actual frequencies? Are we hearing all the sound there is to hear? What can dogs hear? Beautifully filmed in tightly-framed black and white, this ode to sound will change the way you listen forever.

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Direction: Ana Endara Mislov

Script: Ana Endara, Pilar Moreno

Original Title: La Felicidad del sonido

Original Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Panama


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