My father is coming

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Vicky works as a waitress and dreams of stardom, but her hopes are continually dashed by disastrous auditions and an unconquerable German accent. Her world threatens to disintegrate when she learns of the impending visit of her father, lured by stories of his daughter’s success in America. Vicky’s attempts to dissimulate include concealing her job and inducing gay roommate Ben to pose as her husband. Bavarian sausage-smuggling Hans, Vicky’s father, arrives and encounters an exotic subculture of gender-benders, fakirs, and, most of all, ex-porn queen Annie Sprinkle (playing herself), leading to discovery and adventure for both father and daughter.

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Direction: Monika Treut

Script: Monika Treut

Cast: Alfred Edel, Shelley Kästner, Annie Spinkle

Original Title: My father is coming

Original Languages: English, German

Subtitles: German

Film Production Country: Germany


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