Short Film



Film Still "In the name of God"

In the name of God

Julia Ocker 2008 4 Min
Two insignificant small black men happen to face god - …
Film Still "Some Thing"

Some Thing

Elena Walf 2015 7 Min
Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud …
Film Still "Bob"


Jacob Frey 2009 3 Min
A hamster is chasing his love around the globe. Will …
Film Still "Mobile"


Verena Fels 2010 6 Min
At the edge of society, a cow tips the balance …
Film Still "Formic"


Roman Kälin, Florian Wittmann 2009 4 Min
A short movie about a skateboarder and an ant. Or: …
Film Still "Loom"


Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzer, Csaba Letay 2010 5 Min
A moth being caught in a spider ́s web and …
Film Still "The Present"

The Present

Jacob Frey 2014 4 Min
Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until …
Film Still "366 Tage"

366 Tage

Johannes Schiehsl 2011 12 Min
Starting his social work as paramedic, young Patrick soon comes …
Film Still "High Wool"

High Wool

Nikolai Maderthoner, Moritz Mugler 2013 2 Min
A duel in a town made of strings.
Film Still "APOLLO"


Felix Gönnert 2010 6 Min
A tiny rocket makes an impact on a big wish. …
Film Still "Lucia"


Felix Gönnert 2004 8 Min
Lucia discovers some x-ray pictures on her night trip trough …
Film Still "Prince Rat"

Prince Rat

Albert Radl 2011 14 Min
"Prince Rat" is a fairy tale with everything that is …
Film Still "Aeolian"


Tom Shrapnel, Cameron Lowe 2012 7 Min
Aeolian shows the life cycle of a mysterious creature as …
Film Still "Herman’s Heart"

Herman’s Heart

Anne Kristin Berge 2015 8 Min
Herman lives in peaceful harmony with his teddy bear inside …
Film Still "Martian"


Nils Skapāns 2015 7 Min
A boy wins a new toy in a claw machine …
Film Still "Ghost Hour"

Ghost Hour

Nils Skapāns 2014 7 Min
As every evening, the Ghost goes to work – to …
Film Still "My Happy End"

My Happy End

Milen Vitanov 2007 5 Min
All dogs chase their tails. A dog once succeeds in …
Film Still "Cat in the Bag"

Cat in the Bag

Nils Skapāns 2013 7 Min
It is nice and fun to have a cat or …
Film Still "Water Path for a Fish"

Water Path for a Fish

Mercedes Marro 2016 8 Min
It’s a starry night when Oscar sees from his window… …
Film Still "Bambo Temple Street"

Bambo Temple Street

Baoying Bilgeri 2015 14 Min
Bao and Lili live at Bamboo Temple Street, a street …
Film Still "ROUFF"


Markus Eschrich, Johannes Lumer 2017 6 Min
Three-legged dog sketch Rouff is sad and lonely. To escape …
Film Still "Peep and the Paperplane"

Peep and the Paperplane

Christoph Englert 2016 12 Min
While Bird mother Paula is away searching for food, her …
Film Still "Our Granny Rocks"

Our Granny Rocks

Nils Skapāns 2017 26 Min
Brother and Sister, as it happens with children, have a …

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