Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens

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Chile’s Route 7 or Carretera Austral is an expression of mankind’s unstoppable drive for conquest. The road is meant to connect the centre of the country with its southern tip. For almost 50 years construction is in progress and yet it is far from completion. On Chile`s narrow territory the way south is blocked by rainforest, steep mountains, fjords and a huge ice field.
The road brings transformation into Patagonia’s wilderness. The documentary explores these changes through personal accounts of people living and working in this region – among them a retired general from Augusto Pinochet’s military junta, a Chilean cowboy, descendants of German settlers and other residents with fascinating stories about life along the Carretera Austral.

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Direction: Malte Schumacher, Johannes Preuss

Original Title: Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Germany


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