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The shadows of people in the aerial corridor look like a flock of people wandering in the deep forest. The concept of this work has two sides. The first is to re-experience the appearance of the world hidden in the scenes that we usually overlook as "the appearance of the world that once existed." Because the scene does not already exist except as an image. Second, the image of the scene converted into a video is different from the one-time appearance of the world. And to think about why it attracts our attention for some reason, even though it is a virtual image that repeats over and over again. In this work, the aerial corridor was first photographed with an 8mm film camera, and then the film image was copied and photographed with a video camera and converted into digital data. At the editing stage, the playback speed was changed to create a new video image work different from film. This work has an installation version in addition to the single-channel video work.

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Direction: Keiji Aiuchi

Original Title: 森の足跡

Original Language: No dialogue

Film Production Country: Japan


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